Mid Iowa Growth Partners (MIGP)

Various agencies across the State of Iowa are looking at a consorted effort to revitalize the State. Kossuth County Economic Development Commission (KCEDC) took the lead role for Kossuth County in looking at what would be the overall benefits for Rural Iowa to join forces with 10 other counties (Hardin, Hamilton, Webster, Sac, Calhoun, Buena Vista, Pocahontas, Humboldt, Wright, Kossuth, and Palo Alto) which is now Mid Iowa Growth Partners (MIGP). With the tight economic economy, decline in population and reduced funding. MIGP has pooled their time, dollars and efforts by entering into this partnership along with the assistance from various other entities such as: Corn Belt Power, Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy, Iowa Lakes Community College, Iowa Central Community College, and MIDAS.

MIGP is in it's incubation stage but already we have established relationships that we can all draw from each others expertise, share resources and have the capability of marketing a larger area. (Clearly we will have a larger voice for Kossuth County and its regional partner.) The effort of bringing 11 counties to the table was made a lot easier through our Professional Developers of Iowa (PDI) Membership. Relationships were already initially established and through PDI's educational workshops and seminars, we all know the importance of regionalism. PDI played a key role in keeping members educated on all levels of economic development.

A few of the major goals of MIGP are: 1) To create an aggressive regional organization and "community mindset," 2) Enhance awareness of the local development entities on a regional and national scale, 3) Develop a greater awareness and collaboration within the region, 4) Develop a program involving a CEO roundtable with existing industry, 5) Initiate and develop targeted marketing projects that will benefit the region…to name a few.

KCEDC has identified that the increased awareness of regional collaboration will increase resources, expertise and provide greater opportunity for growth in Rural Iowa. The overall impact is that we all gain by taking the steps to communicate and work for the betterment of the State of Iowa, our region, county and communities.


MIGP At Large Directors - Voting Members

Jim Vermeer
VP Business Development
Corn Belt Power Cooperative

Brittany Dickey (Alternate to Jim Vermeer)
Business Finance Director
Corn Belt Power Cooperative


Jim Kersten
Assoc. VP External Relations & Gov. Affairs
Iowa Central Community College
Fort Dodge

Shelly Blunk (Alternate to Jim Kersten)
Director Economic Dev. & Industrial Training
Iowa Central Community College
Fort Dodge

Deb Calvert
Economic Development Consultant
MidAmerican Energy



MIGP Board of Directors - Voting Members

Calhoun County  
Pamela Anderson
Exec. Director, Calhoun Co.
Rockwell City
Gary Nicholson
Calhoun Co. Supervisor
Rockwell City
Hamilton County  
Sarah Thompson
Executive Director
Hamilton County S.E.E.D
Webster City


Hardin County  

Cindy Litwiller
Executive Director
Iowa Falls Area Development Corp.
Iowa Falls

Deb Crosser
Executive Director Economic Development
City of Eldora
Humboldt County  

Alissa Reinholdt
Humboldt County Development Association

Aaron F. Burnett
Humboldt City Administrator
City of Humboldt

Kossuth County  
Maureen Elbert
Exec. Director
Kossuth/Palo Alto Co. Econ. Dev.
John Bilsten
KCEDC President
Algona Municipal Utilities
Palo Alto County  
Maureen Elbert
Exec. Director
Kossuth/Palo Alto Co. Econ. Dev.
Steve Heldt
Palo Alto County Representative
Pocahontas County  
Paul Beneke
Pocahontas Co. Supervisor
Tom Grau
Economic Development Director
Pocahontas County Economic Dev.
Eric List (Alternate for Tom Grau)
Economic Development Director
Webster County  
Kelly Halsted
Economic Development Director
Greater FD Dodge Growth Alliance
Fort Dodge

Dawn Larson
Business Affairs Specialist
Fort Dodge

Lisa Knigge (Alternate)
Greater FD Growth Alliance
Fort Dodge
Wright County  
Brad Hicks
Wright Co. Economic Development

Karl Helgevold
Wright County Supervisor
Eagle Grove

Colleen Bartett (Alternate)
Wright Co. Economic Development



MIGP Support Agencies - Non Voting Members

Randy Hildreth
Area Director
USDA Rural Development

Cindy Schieber
Assistant Director
North Central Iowa SBDC
Fort Dodge

Scott Snider
Regional Economic Dev. Director
Alliant Energy
Cliff Weldon
Executive Director
MIDAS Council of Governments
Fort Dodge

Sara Messerly
Regional Manager
Iowa Workforce Development
Fort Dodge

Don Woodruff
Woodruff Construction
Fort Dodge


Beth Conley
Clean Line Energy Partners
Des Moines

Jerry Chizek
Regional Extension Educational Director
Iowa State University Extension
Fort Dodge


James Patton
Rotary District 5970 Governer
Rockwell City

Lisa Shimkat
North Central Iowa SBDC
Fort Dodge


Contact Us

Maureen Elbert,
Executive Director
106 S. Dodge Street
Suite 210
Algona, IA  50511
Ph: 515-295-7979
Fax: 515-295-8873

8:00-5:00 M-Thursday
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