2407 & 2409 Broadway St., Emmetsburg, Iowa

Zoned: Commercial Building

Site Information

  • Apartment – 800 sq. ft
  • Storage Space - 800 sq. ft
  • Shop Space – 1,200 sq. ft.
  • Year Built: 1976
  • This commercial property is located on South Broadway Street (Highway 4) and has multiple uses. The building is decorated in the 1950’s gas station period theme. The shop is utilized for many purposes. The storage space under the apartment has a one car garage and lots of storage or rental space. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, kitchen with stainless appliances, living room with futon couches and much more.
  • View full details at: http://www.emmetsburgforsale.com/com-listings.htm


  • 2 Miles to Emmetsburg Municipal Airport
  • 72 Miles to Interstate 35
  • 40 Miles to Interstate 90
  • US Hwy. 20 is nearest 4-lane highway, approximately 50 miles south of Emmetsburg.
  • Commercial air service is provided approximately one hour to the south at Fort Dodge, Iowa, and to the east at Mason City, Iowa. Connecting flights are offered to both Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and Des Moines International Airport.
  • 2 rail lines service Emmetsburg:
    • Union Pacific
    • DM & E Railroad Corp.


  • Electric
    • Supplier: MidAmerican Energy
    • Phone: 800-358-6265
  • Gas
    • Supplier: Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities
    • Phone: 712-852-4914
  • Water
    • Supplier: Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities
    • Phone: 712-852-3285
  • Sewer
    • Supplier: Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities
    • Phone: 712-852-3942
  • Communications
    • The following services are available in Emmetsburg:
      • Broadband
      • Satellite
      • DSL
      • T-1 Lines
      • Fiber Optic Service

Economic Development Contact:

Farmer's National Company
Mike Wentzel, Real Estate Broker
1102 Broadway, Kermore Building
Emmetsburg, IA  50536
Phone:  712-852-2002
Email:  mwentz76mb@gmail.com
Website: www.emmetsburgforsale.com


Additional Contact:

Gretchen Reichter
Marketing & Retail Coordinator, City of Emmetsburg
14 N Lawler St | PO Box 417
Emmetsburg, IA  50536
Phone:  712-415-1142
Email:  greichter@emmetsburg.com


The above information is from sources deemed reliable, however, no guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of the information printed on this information sheet. Buyers should verify all information regarding the accuracy.