A town created with authentic Irish roots in 1855 when a small group of immigrants settled along the Des Moines River.  The town was named to   honor Irish Patriot Robert Emmet, who was executed in 1803 by the English government in Ireland's fight for independence.  The culture of the Old Country has been preserved here and if you spend any time in this community you're sure to hear some of Emmetsburg's Irish lore.

Emmetsburg hosts a wide mixture of quaint niche stores to meet your shopping wants and needs within walking distance from the lively downtown. A 9-hole golf course is open to the public. Emmetsburg is the proud home of Five Island Lake (Iowa's 9th largest natural lake) and offers year-round recreation areas, fishing, boating, wetlands, swim beach, public access docks and more!

Wild Rose Casino & Resort is located in Emmetsburg and offers lodging, dining and entertainment experiences in a beautiful old-world setting.  Lots of attractions are located in Emmetsburg to keep you as busy as you'd like to be or to offer you as much luxury as you're looking for. While in Emmetsburg begin your visit at the Iowa Welcome Center, located in the hub  of downtown on Highway 4 & 18, for a map and personal referrals to the specialty shops. From there it's your choice of sporting adventure, shopping, historical collections, outdoor recreation, unexpected treasures and seasonal delights.  The Des Moines River which borders Emmetsburg's city limits, is great opportunity for canoeing and kayaking.  Be sure to visit Emmetsburg's Robert Emmet Statue, Blarney Stone, Palo Alto Heritage Center, Victorian on Main Museum, Palo Alto County Historical Museum, Original Old Town Emmetsburg Site, Hobson Rock Collection and the VanderVelde Primitive Cultures Collection.

Contact our Iowa Welcome Center at 712-852-2283, 1121 Broadway Street, Emmetsburg, IA 50536, eburgwelcome@kemb.org or www.emmetsburg.com to   ask for more information on any of the above attractions.