Cylinder Community


Cylinder started with a large hay barn built by Brown & Sons in 1885 and the railroad company then put in a siding in order to enable them to load hay. The Browns also built a house the same year and in 1889 John Goeders built a store.

The following year the railroad company built a depot, and the station was named Cylinder after the famous Cylinder Creek that flows near the town site. It is said that the creek got its name from an attempt of some early settlers to cross the stream at high water with an engine, but the feat was too difficult and the heavy machine sank into the mud and the cylinder became detached and lost in the creek and was never found. This may be only a legend, but it is certain that the stream which has long been known by that name gave the name to the town located not far from its banks.

John Goeders was the first postmaster. In 1890 Chas. Terwilliger built another store and the farmers built the creamery. The following year the farmers joined together and put up a blacksmith shop and house for the blacksmith and John Ganzley took charge and worked out the price of the building in work for the stockholders until it was fully paid. Then list the credit source History of Palo Alto County – Dwight G. McCarty ©1910. Provided Courtesy of The Reporter

Cylinder is located on Hwy 18 approximately 7 miles East of Emmetsburg. Cylinder has a beautiful city park with a shelter house for family gatherings. Tennis and basketball court, sand volleyball and new playground equipment offer many hours of family fun.